Gathering the Crew for experimental feature

Sorry for the smae post. This is the final :).

Hi people, let me introduce myself. :). I am Independent FIlmmaker also. This is my films:

I am gathering the crew for my next one. First Feature.

You can look here:

Anypne who like the idea, welcome aboard :)

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I would like to make a suggestion:

On your page you say, "Shooting will be done in Europe (Great
Britain or somewhere else), USA or Canada." This isn't good
enough for crew members. For those who you cannot pay no
crew member will fly to an overseas location at their own expense.
For those you are paying it is a poor use of your limited money
to fly (and transport, feed and house) crew members to an overseas

My suggestion is to figure out exactly where you will be shooting
before you try to get a crew together. That makes you look more
professional. Another thing that is VERY important is the dates of
the shoot. People with experience (and you're going to need a few)
cannot agree to work on your movie without knowing when you are

I also have a question:

Have you done a full, line item budget? $12,000 for rental equipment,
money for the actors, money for the crew, renting a house for one
month or more, buying food and drinks, travel expenses, and editing
seems very, very low.
Thanks for reply.
Yes, maybe this is the better plan, to first define the location and place and date.

Yes, I think I can make it, for 12.000. 1.000 is for rental for weekend (3 cameras plus lighting plus some other stuff).

But in this amount I don't count Post Production cost.