directing “Future of Filmmaking” evolution of the kickstarter model/ Ways around traditional funding

We are trying to build a similar system, and have been working at it for some time, If you're interested in trying to get in on the ground floor of one of these, feel free to chat with me. We are very small right now, with just under 30 people involved, but we're working daily to build such a system designed to create avenues for actual indie filmmakers, rather than transferring millions of dollars to the estates of legacy wealth families such as the Huffington or Jordowski clans. I really like Alexandro's work, I'm just saying that I think this "democratization" effort could be more effective if it could deviate a bit more from the status quo of "the rich get richer". Both of these stories are about millionaires raising millions of dollars and then immediately transferring them to other millionaires.
I realize this post is a month old now and has been thoroughly debunked elsewhere, but just in case anyone might read this and think it's true: This is a classic case of too much money and not enough brains. These guys bought a book. They didn't buy any IP rights, and cannot make any movie of Dune or derivative works from it.