Full time touring electronic musician looking to transition into film music and audio

Like the title says, I have been producing music and touring full time as a DJ for the better part of a decade, and I am tired of being on the road, and wanting to do more studio work. I am also a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. I've always loved stories, and telling a story through sound, so working in film seems like the natural progression for me. I am looking for filmmakers that want to music or audio mixing for their films. At the moment I am just trying to build up a portfolio of works so I can properly enter the industry. I use lots of modular synthesis and experimental sound design in my works but can also compose more traditional stuff.

I am including some links to show that I am not just blowing smoke.

here is my spotify:

and here is some press I have picked up over the years:



I am here and trying to learn, and just wanted to put myself out there to people. Anyone interested in working together shouldn't hesitate to reach out in a PM. Hope everyone is well!
Just saw this, listened to the tracks, or at least the 15 second preview. I think you do a pretty good job engineering bass impact, song composition feels a bit random. What are you using for a mastering plugin? I liked the intro to "mind"
mind was done so long ago i can barely remember. Probably ozone tbh. Don't think I had much else at the time.

composition for bass music is oftentimes a bit random, because people one the dancefloor love the feeling of the surprise sound design ripping their face off 🤷‍♂️

I had to unlearn a lot of theory in order to make bangers, I'm relearning it now