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Free Webhosting

As you all may know, I'm an affiliate for Globat webhosting. Well, I just got an email saying that they are offering free webhosting for the first year (with mail in rebate)! Ther actually is no catch that I can find!!!...CLICK HERE :D :D :D

UPDATE: They are reinstating this promotion because it did so well last weekend. This time it started already and it ends on Tuesday the 26th!!
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I already have purchased a domain name... Also when do I get the mail in rebate? and do I have to pay the entire year up-front?
Yes. You have to pay the entire year up front. Sorry...but you do get all that money back! I don't know when you get the rebate. I went through the process all the way up to payment (to make sure there were no catches or whatever) and didn't really see where they give you the rebate. That may be after you pay. Would you like me to ask about that before you buy?
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If you would ask, that would be great.

Also, My motto is... If it's free, it's for me, and I'll take three!

The best host in the world, eh...

Seems like Globat is better.. you get more with them.
actually I called Globat
You pay for the year in advance and in 30 to 45 days you'll receive a check for the amount you paid for hosting... including the setup fee... Damn good deal to me!

Gigabyte=$4.95 x 12 months + $19.95 set up fees = $79.35 = 1 year hosting Mail-in- Rebate for $59.40

Starter = $9.95 x 12 months + $19.95 set up fees =$139.35 = 1 year hosting Mail-in- Rebate for $119.40

Pro = $14.95 X 12 months + $29.95 set up fees =$209.35 = 1 year hosting Mail-in-Rebate for $179.40
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iPowerweb is good.. and if you're a reseller you can eventually get some really good rates.. but it does look like Globat offers more in their packages, more bandwidth, more storage, etc..

I used to agree with you John, as ipowerweb has been my host of choice for a few years, but now that I've looked at the globat packages, I'm thinking I'll have to switch over there... at least for my reselling and whatnot.
If you sign up, just be sure to use my link above! A few months back someone bought a package and must not have used my link...because I never got credit for it. I lost mucho dinero. :tear:


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Logan, I don't see your affiliate ID in the links. Maybe that's why you're not getting credit?
Just to let you guys know: They restarted this promotion and it is going on again. There's another chance if you wanted to use it!

This time, the offer ends on Tuesday, April 26, 2005 (Although they "reserve the right to discontinue it at any time"...??? I guess they are just playing it safe in case the promotion's momentum slows down too much.)

CLICK HERE to check it out.
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Thanks Coot. I didn't get credit for some reason. it's probably not your fault...I'm currently trying to figure out what happened. Maybe it will just take a while to show up, but it usually shows up immediately.

...anyway, I hope you enjoy your new hosting package :)
I followed the link to your site then to theirs... but I had questions so I called... then did the same think and it asked who referred me... I typed in loganl which is in your referral URL and it didn't recognize it... then I typed in your domain name and it accepted it... So who knows... Let me know if you need my help.