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for-sale Free Stuff & Stuff For Sale

Greetings IndieTalkers,

As you all know I am moving in the near future. Some stuff I would like to sell, some I'll just give away. Here are a few things that may be of interest...

Please PM me if you have interest in any of these items......

Come And Get It

If you want it, all you have to do is come and get it.

--- Six (6) boxes of sound treatment, 4' x 8' egg carton style, two (2) per box. It's off-brand factory seconds, so not perfect, but does the job. Cream/Beige.

--- 1/4" to 1/4" cables

3' - 33
5' - 9
10' - 19
15' - 10
20' - 19
25' - 11

--- MIDI cables

1' - 4
3' - 2
5' - 5
10' - 6
15' - 6
20' - 3
25' - 3
30' - 2

--- 1/4" TRS to 1/4" TS - Insert/"Y" cables

15' - 24

--- 8x8 1/4" to RCA snakes

8' - 3
20' - -3

--- Mic clips, misc.

--- One (1) Winter spinet piano w/bench. Looks okay, felts need to be reglued to the hammers. Maybe someone would want to destroy it for sound effects?

--- Two (2) corner cabinets (pix coming) from the 1940's.

--- 1980s/1990s Keyboard Magazines

--- 1970s Circus Magazines

--- 1970s Creem Magazines

--- 1970s Salt Water Sportsman Magazines

--- 30+ Charlie Brown/Peanuts paperback collection

--- Old tools, toolbox and hardware, painting supplies (brushes, rollers, etc.)

--- Old fishing gear

Things For Sale

Contact me for pix, pricing and delivery.

Ultimate Support Keyboards Stands - One (1) mid-80s 4-tier, $50. One (1) early 90s 3-tier, $75

Roland R-8 MkII Drum Machine, no AC adapter, $50. AS IS

One (1) Lexicon LXP-1, $20

One (1) Yamaha KX-1 Keytar for parts, $25

One (1) Roland AX-1 Keytar for parts, $25

Lots of keyboard pedals, stomp boxes, AC adapters, and other items; PM for list.

Non-Music/Audio Items

Antique Desk
Six (6) Dining Chairs
Lionel Trains
Film Projector
Slide Projector
Original 1960s Polaroid Instamatic 100 Land Camera w/case and accessories, VGC!
Early 1900s Coronet (trumpet)
1970s, 1980s Suits, 36R
Ties & Pocket Squares
Cigarette Cases
Costume Jewelry
Corona Portable Typewriter (1930s?)
Misc Pewter
When and where are you moving?.....previously you mentioned possibly Austin, TX......just curious (as well as perhaps others).

I'm nearly finished with my packing to move, and with most of the legal folderol associated with selling the house and the divorce. I'm planning to leave for Texas after the house closing at the end of February to have a look around, then be back here in Connecticut for the final move out of the house in late March.

Austin and Lubbock are on my list, as are places in a few other states I will visit on my trip.