software-related Frame rate interpolation software

Here's something I stumbled upon. Software to change the FPS of your footage. So, if you're video, or digital animation is 12 frames per second, the software, which uses your graphics card CUDAs, will interpolate the images into the target frame rate. The results look amazing. One of the examples shows a 12 fps animation converted to 60 fps and it somehow looks more lifelike. I haven't used this software but I'd like the idea of taking a 24fps video and converting it to 60fps just to see the difference.

Check it out: Free, donation, or $9.00

Here is what another developer came up with. I think he used the dain-app then added to it: $24.90

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like many I have been using Twixtor for a decade for this task, but these new AI variants are much better. I'm interested in testing out a pipeline where I render at 12 and use this to create 24, to double rendering speed. It might end up saving a lot of time, depending on how fast the AI process actually is.