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watch Flying - 2nd short film

Hi there guys and girls.

I have just finished my second short film which has been one hell of a production nightmare. To me, I am not happy with it, while style wise I think it is better then Helper the actual story is badly told due to many other reasons.

We originally lay down 10 hours to shoot the film over two days, instead we were left with 6 hours in one day due to an A level deadline which my friend read wrong. I then had to rush through editing as fast as I could meaning its rough around the ages. I have come back and smarted it as best I could. To make matters worst our other decent actor dropped out so I had to use the lighting guy and then we lost the audio of his recordings So I had to re-record all the sound for his parts (except for when the mask came off) to the best of my ability which is crap.

Anyway, I thought I might aswell get some opinions from you people before I crack on with my less ambition 3rd short film.
If you havent seen Helper please find the time to watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOtEDNPehW8&feature=channel

Follow Greg as he encounters a man offering the chance to re-try at life as long as he survives a game of russian roulette

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Time for an AAR (After Action Report)! Im no expert but here's what i've got to say.

1. The video quality was awesome! What camera are you using?
2. It was confusing in the begin them came together at the end. Kept me at the edge of my
seat, I like that.
3. I thought it pretty good shot composition.

1. The sound in some of your roof shots had a lot of wind it.
2. Alot of your camera movements were shaky
3. More makeup... The dead actors face was all dirty and nasty but his hands were nice and clean
I'm no expert, but I thought that was a really good film! Good job.

However, even though I'm an amateur, I have some constructive criticism. For example, for Greg to be a drug addict and an alcoholic, I would expect Greg to be at least a little reluctant, when the man asks him to come with him. Another thing, is, as gooberman said, there was one scene where wind was a problem (on the roof). You went about an interesting way to do the end falling scene, because I was a bit confused. Maybe you could continue the music, and not do so many "black" parts?? I'm not sure...

Other than that, you're quality of film, and your camera movements and camera angles, were really good. I am going to learn from you!!
The color and image quality are nice. Some of the shots are great, others a little too messily composed and/or shaky.

Good work.
The first minute of the short is probably one of the best shot sequences I have seen here so far, absolutely perfect angels, as the film progressed things seemed to go a bit downhill.
Lovely camera! Just the actors and sound that let you down a little, but good job on meeting that deadline.

Oh and FYI, much much better than helper.
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