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press-release Fissure on DUST

Hi guys,

just thought I'd share the news about Fissure (my short film from 2 years ago).

Its been scooped up by the sci fi channel DUST and is currently being loved/savaged to death in the comments section. If you havn't seen it and would like to, then head over to this link:

Hope you like it!
So they are looking for films that have a lot of views I'm guessing. Did you ever submit to them prior?

I plan on submitting our short to them after a festival run. But I have a ways to go to finish the film. What are your recommendations for getting a short film around 4k views on YouTube? Other than making a good film?
Honestly it all kinda happened by accident.

I released Fissure on my channel. It got a few views. I submitted for a review on io9. Thought nothing of it. I only knew it got on there becuase my pal told me Rian Johnson had retweeted the article. https://io9.gizmodo.com/10-excellent-new-sci-fi-and-fantasy-shorts-you-need-to-1827912662

So it got a big bump from about 500 views to 4000. I thought 'thats that. pretty cool.' Then a couple of months ago DUST contacted me through my site to pick the film up. And the rest is history.

So I guess my advice is get plenty of reviews, submit to everywhere even if you think there's no point.
Not my cup of tea as a genre, but congratulations 👍 on both the quality of the production and for getting it seen and promoted. Yours is a good example of how patience and a good "product" can be rewarded (eventually!) with a lucky break.

Edit: the YT comments are something else, though! Criticising the placement of power outlets on the wall ... WTF??? :eek:
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