Fissure featured in io9 article :)

Hi chums,

as some of you already know, I made a film called Fissure. Some of you very kindly chipped in to the crowdfunder.

It got featured in this article So very pleased. The article was then retweeted by Rian Johnson!!!

This is kind of a humble brag I guess, but I have been buzzing for a couple of days now.

That's all.

Thanks again for all your support with this film :)
That's absolutely great, and totally deserving of a bit of a brag.
So....what's next? :)
Whats next? I guess me actually finishing something.

I have 3 slightly dystopian short films in the works, but they are all quite lore heavy. They work as proof of concepts but I really want to make a short film that works on its own merit.