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Fissure featured in io9 article :)


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Hi chums,

as some of you already know, I made a film called Fissure. Some of you very kindly chipped in to the crowdfunder.

It got featured in this article https://io9.gizmodo.com/10-excellent-new-sci-fi-and-fantasy-shorts-you-need-to-1827912662 So very pleased. The article was then retweeted by Rian Johnson!!!

This is kind of a humble brag I guess, but I have been buzzing for a couple of days now.

That's all.

Thanks again for all your support with this film :)


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That's absolutely great, and totally deserving of a bit of a brag.
So....what's next? :)

Whats next? I guess me actually finishing something.

I have 3 slightly dystopian short films in the works, but they are all quite lore heavy. They work as proof of concepts but I really want to make a short film that works on its own merit.



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