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story First time screenwriter in need of assistance

I am a novelist venturing into the world of screenwriting for the first time. Could someone look at what I have so far it would be much appreciated. If you wish to see the script I will email it to you. Sorry for having to do it this way but I have already had someone attempt to steal a novel so you could say I have trust issues.

The script is a heist story with addiction and love woven in.


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No prob man, better safe than sorry! And surely someone will be along to help. :)
I'm totally up for reading others work, helping if I can, and learning what I can myself. But, how do we MP (or 'DM', or what ever the kids are calling it these days) on this forum?


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Run your mouse (or whatever) over the name of the person who you want to message. Click "start conversation." Or, click the image of an envelope to the upper right hand corner of the page, and type the names of the people who you want to message.