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First Steps

This is the first working test of the final stage AI layer for Save Point. As many who follow the project know, the plan from day one has been to use AI output as the final stage. This is a highly unstable initial version of the process, that obviously won't work, but needs to be here as proof, so people can look back and see where we started. In the months ahead, we'll be working on modifying this system until it produces smooth results. The very first test of this concept was done in summer of 2011, and it's just this year that we finally have the math available to make this possible. The final version may still be years away.

Every frame in this video is from Save Point, run through the AI. In the last frozen frame, you can see what a good result would look like, once we can modify the algorithms to maintain stable and coherent animation.

Sorry for the terrible music, I didn't spend hours picking it out like I usually do.
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