humor Filmmaking Memes

It's always healthy to take some time and have a laugh.

I collect some of the more clever filmmaking memes that I see. I'd like to encourage others to post some more memes. It doesn't matter if they're funny, inspirational or educational.

I'll start with:

When You let a producer drive the grip truck

You're getting paid?

The boom operator when the DP sets up a third camera
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Ok. Made the changes. Is it working for you now?

Here are a couple more:

Yeah, no I'm good. I had a 5 Hour turn around.

Why Would I work 14+ Hours a day? Becuase I dreamed of making movies my whole life... and now I do.
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Actors are props with dialogue

When someone shows me a meme I've already seen. I'm 50 memes ahead of you and everybody else.

Whereever we are, whatever we're doing and whereever we're going, we owe it to ourselves, to our art, to the world, to do it well
Wow, being in show business is like a dream. We're really lucky, aren't we? I wish I was dead.

We can't pay you but the exposure will be great. You have died of exposure.

When someone finds out I work in "The Industry" and says what a glamorous life I must lead.
Look at me. Where is your budget

Tell me how hard your 8 hour day was

When a corporate client decides to change the direction of their campaign videos... after days of filming/editing.... BUT have no budget left.

Editing for 12 hours straight
What Editors usually Do

Can I charge my iPhone on your DIT cart?

Wait... You can pull focus without a monitor?

Clients been staring at the monitor for an hour. 15 takes in, asks for diff wardrobe.
Anybody know where that 3x3 checked bounce went?

and God said, "Let There Be Light" because audio was already working.

I Don't always get insomnia, but when I do, it's the night before an early call time set