directing Film Festivals Need More Diversity Categories - yes or no?

I am curious if you think that more Film Festivals should include a diversity category that includes disabled, women, over 40, POC, LGBTQ, Asian/Pacific Islander,American Indian, Pacific, Latinx, Middle Eastern, and any other category that is underserved. Yes or no and why? Thanks so much!!
No, I don't think we need more categories... I think if someone makes a film based on one of your proposed categories, it should STAND on its own merit against other films that are not based on any kind of diversity.

As a professional screenwriter, I always try to include diverse characters because I think it makes for a better story. What I don't like however, is any kind of FORCED diversity. A writer should be able to write ANYTHING they want to write and then that story should stand on its own. If it's truly good? 90% of the time, it will USUALLY rise to the surface and get noticed.

Some of course, do not. Just the way of the world anytime judging things like this is subjective to the opinions of human beings.

Years ago, the MPAA began a movement of rating movies that depict smoking with a harder rating. I don't agree with that either. To me? It's the same thing. As a writer, I should be able to write whatever I want to write... Political correctness be DAMNED.

Same with the Bechdel Test. Don't agree with it.

Yet at the same time? As I say I do not agree with any of this? I see the horizon changing more toward it which is a good reason for me to eventually bow out and write books. At least nobody can tell me what to write when I write a book and self publish it. Sure, it may not sell but at least I'm not writing it to deliver on some pre-existing condition.

Don't get me wrong... I'm all for diversity. I think the movement is long overdue and I think we should have been including people of diverse communities all along... As long as they can DELIVER and there are already MANY examples of people of diversity who can CERTAINLY DELIVER.

Rather than categories? Why not specific film festivals BASED on these categories... That would seem to make much more sense to me. That way, audiences can opt-in or opt-out as the case may be.

Any movie worth making... Be it about disabled, women, over 40, POC, LGBTQ, Asian/Pacific Islander, American Indian, Pacific, Latinx, Middle Eastern, and any other category SHOULD be able to stand on its own against any other movie if it's truly a good movie.

Just my two cents.
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The only discrimination I like is a age or experience category. Could be interesting what a young film maker makes on his first production.
Yeah, I like the "first time" categories. People seem to be more forgiving and pay more attention to films in those categories.

But I agree with pretty much everyone's points. Too many categories as it is. The best ones control the format.

It would be nice to have an umbrella festival that had multiple formats, like Best Micro, Best One Take, Best Black and White or Silent, Best 5/10/20 minute film.