Film Composer looking to gain experience

hello! My name is Rickard and I music teacher at a music highschool in sweden. I teach Orchestral arrangement, Composition, Improvisation (jazz), and music theory. I studied at a music collage for 5 years (jazz sax and composition) and I have now worked as a teacher for 5 years (I am 30 y/old). I am now looking to try to make a small part of my life as a music composer for film/video games. I have composed for one small indiegame project just recently and got rehired to do a horror game with the same group (though corona is slowing it down hence I am looking around to gain more expereince). I am here reaching out if anyone wants me to collaborate for free on short films so I can get more experience in collaboration with film makers.

i still work as a teacher so this a "on the side thing" i really love to expand.

Give me a PM or write if you are interested :) Best regards / Rickard (wash ur hands)
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