Film Composer Looking For Short Film Animators (2021/22 Film Festival Submissions!)

Hi everyone!

My name's Tony Halliwell, and I'm a 23-year-old graduate film & TV music composer, and film fanatic, from the UK.

I'm currently in-waiting to assist a couple of LA-based film composers (the pandemic caused a lot of holdback!). Whilst this goes ahead, I'm really excited to be on here, looking for animators with a similar thirst for creativity, to buddy up and work with on a project I have conceived.

A pretty simple cyclical open narrative, where the cosmetics, patterns and animations do the 'talking', rather than a complex storyline. No dialogue, my music will provide the audio. A four-part animated series of short films, with a loose 'plot' centred around a young, gender-unspecified child (perhaps a silhouette? perhaps just designed with ambiguity?) drawing pictures of space on paper whilst sitting on their bed, entering the pictures via their imagination, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery and identity, finishing back on their bed in the fourth video just as they started - except with one object/idea from the journey now with them in their room. I have not designed the specifics, and would leave this to you as the animator!

You can check the four-part soundtrack out here: PAPER PLANETS EP

This project is for promotional purposes for both of us, looks great on our credits, and will be submitted worldwide to all the big film festivals of 2021/22. I'd love to develop a working relationship beyond this project too, as I am serious about my creative work and it would be great to team up on this energy.

Reach me on if you are interested in working together! I do check back on here, but not very often.


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Maybe, if I have time. It's really my kind of project and music. Like the idea. Contact me if you wish, we can discuss.