[Feb 20] What are you working on this week? Group production log


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This is a weekly series of threads. Post what you are doing for your film this week. The posts keep everyone abreast but can also serve to keep you active and to get things done. So what are you doing this week for your film? :)
Does this apply strictly to indie films, or are you asking the broader community (i.e. paid work such as promos and commercials)?


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Whatever you may be working on...

Really, a kick in the pants to get things done on your films (are you writing? casting? building a rig?), and sure, if you're cast or crew let us know what you're working on as well. ;)

It's good to know what everyone is up to.
Well, in that case... I'm gearing up for a Saturday shoot. A local cover band needs a PR video, so we're shooting at a concert in a downtown night club. Should be interesting.

Single camera. Still trying to get in touch with the FOH engineer to see if audio tie-in is possible, but I think we're going to have to track their music in the studio later.
Hey guys, new here. I'm currently working on setting up auditions for a no-budget web-series (getting actors for that is fun). There was supposed to be an audition today, but that fell through.


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:welcome: to the fray!
This week I am FINALLY wrapping up the editing on my late-autumn back log of weddings. The next wedding season picks up in June so next week I'm going to try to get involved with a short to keep me busy until then.


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I filmed a parody sequel to the 'interview with the vampire' 46 months ago and I'll release it soon.
maybe march 1st

technically it's just a fake trailer, that's all i could salvage after tom cruise skipped the country.

it's only two minutes long.
i've been working on the music and sound mix since yesterday.
Trying to organise the shoot for the crowdfund video for our next short.
Previously I hoped we would shoot tomorrow, but life happened, so aiming for fryday now.
At the same time I need to work on the crowdfund page and the rewards.

And in the meantime make sure some commercial projects get a green light.
So far a busy week:

Trying to get motivated to achieve something decent this year.
Editing a TV pilot.
Negotiating a 6 month govt contract for work I've never done before, animation.
Day 8 of sorting and testing equipment (bought out a local cinematographer/gaffer/grip)


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Great to hear what you guys are doing!
I'm in the middle of a bit of writing. It's been slow going because I've never tried to write a feature before. It's sort of a fan script for a sequel to my favorite movie, but change two names and it could just be a similarly toned film. It's fun, I really love the idea, but I don't kid myself into thinking it will be much more than that, but if I get a draft done, having a real writer take a pass on it might make for a producable film.

I also bought a new drum synth (elektron analog rytm) and have been teaching myself how to use it before rearranging the songs I play live. I've been assigning myself specific sound design/work flow exercises and recording them. I'm taking about 2 hours, start to finish, building all sounds from scratch and sequencing. All sounds from the drum synth (even the melodic bits!) except part 1 (additional synth drones and orchestral samples) and part 3 (a touch of vocals). You can hear and/or follow my progress here: together: https://soundcloud.com/doors-in-the-labyrinth/sets/black-rabbit-of-inle/s-nSFpC
Again, I have perspective, these are not fully realized songs ready to release, but if I put some more time into them, it's the foundation for a pretty good dark techno album! 3 & 4 are my favorites.
So cool to see all that everyone has going on :) At work I'm doing camera projections on matte paintings and removing tracking rods from shots.

Personally, I just got a new Huion tablet and am following a matte painting course on FXPHD. I want to really learn how to use this technique for opening up the scale of my films. I'm working on developing a new action adventure series that I would like to do and matte painting would really be useful.
Project of the year!!

Hello, I'm involved on a project(The Reign) that's in the competition for Indiewire Project of the Year. It's an interesting, innovative project(if I do say so myself). The project utilizes multiple GoPro cameras hidden around the set at once to experience a new way of filmmaking. We are currently behind and voting ends Thursday, Feb. 23rd at 2pm eastern. Please go check it out, vote, and support, if interested.
Here's the link:


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Thank you for your support!