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"Exhumed" wins awards, next film seeks funding

Check out the trailer for Exhumed, a psychological horror thriller feature film starring Scream Queen Debbie Rochon. Filmed in B&W, we give a nod to Film Noir and Hitchcock.
Make sure you choose HD on Youtube:
I'm the Director of Photography for the film. It's been on the festival circuit and has won at the Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival (NY) 2012 where it took Best Feature, Best Cinematography, Best Director and Best Ensemble Cast. It also took 1st Place feature Film at the Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival 2012. It is looking at a distribution deal in the spring that should make it available on demand.

The next project is being funded now and we are looking for help in getting the word out on the IndieGoGo campaign. It would be lovely if you can help the project in any way possible... skip that Starbucks coffee today and help with a couple of bucks. But even if you can't do that please spread the IndeiGoGo link. There may be some wonderful benefactor out there looking for a project that they know will be completed and see the light of day. Speaking of benefactors... we have a Patron of the Arts who has promised to MATCH each and every pledge made. So if you give us 5, she'll give us 5. How great is that?
We're in our last week of the IndieGoGo drive. If you liked "Exhumed"... help us with "Normal", it's going to be great! Here's the Indiegogo page... pass it on!
And here is the Facebook page for "Normal":
Ken Willinger
Thanks Steve! I hope you will like Exhumed when you see it. It's not like any of the other films Richard has done, and some say it is one of his best. Of course I think it's pretty good as I filmed it! Any help you can give spreading the word for the next one, "Normal", will be much appreciated. We are trying to take it to the next level. I'd like to use swing/shift lenses for some of the scenes in Normal (it would be very effective) but they are pretty expensive to rent!
We just wrapped production on NORMAL. We had a great cast and crew that worked very hard. Because of the funding from the indiegogo campaign we were able to rent (through also pulling in some favors) a super peewee dolly and a set of century swing shift lenses for the entire run of production. These tools were invaluable for helping to tell the story. The director has posted the first screen grab from the footage. And we are looking at a December premier.