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watch Enigma: Our new Sci-fi Film!

We'll consider using that quote for the poster! haha! ;)

Mr. Weirdamour:
What a small world! I took a look at Wayne and really liked it, nice job! Well acted and nicely shot. What are your plans with the film? Is there any issue doing a copyrighted character like that? I like the ears!

Well, there's nothing too fancy about our script. I would suggest getting the book "save the cat" and a copy of "Final Draft" and you are set! There are a lot of good books out there. Honestly, I would have to hunt down are script...haven't seen it for 4 years! too long in Post!
My cousin, who made the film, came to me with the idea and we both really liked it and wanted to shoot it. So thats what we did. I guess we will submit it to festivals and hope that people see it online. I think there would definately be a copyright issue in there somewhere, but like I said we never intended for it to be anything more than a short. I'm glad you liked it. I'll make sure Iris keeps me updated on your film.
Really really good. Like the look, the acting... actually it looks amazing.
Personally, i thought the trailer could be a little more "intensive".

Looking forward to this one.

John Iver
M1chae1: Thanks!! We are hoping to have a chat with some one at Syfy soon, we'd love to show them the film.

Merola: Thanks for the nice words. As for the trailer, we didn't want to overdue the trailer, just didn't match the film. We see so many indie films make trailers like they are a 200 million dollar action film. We wanted our trailer to represent the mood and level of the film. That was our plan anyhow! :)

Godchoo: Thanks for the nice words! Actually it was Maya and Mental Ray. We actually wanted to use Vray in the beginning, kept waiting for it to come out for Maya, but in the end the newest version of MR served our needs.

ryanfea: Thanks for the nice words and comments on our Youtube videos! We certainly hope somewhere we can fit it into a one hour time slot. It would slip in perfectly. Hopefully that opportunity will open up to us. :)
Well it just shows what can be done with a low budget and determination and this eaily rivals any of the big sci fi shows like battlestar galactica and star trek.