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El Cheapo Deluxe Sound Setup


Ok here is the video. Of my cheapo deluxe audio eqt. Im still working on mastering the tools, so have at it. I would welcome any constructive help from anyone. I know that a hyper-cardioid mic is better suited for indoors, but use what ya got and go from there. A Dead Cat and a Hyper-cardioid Mic are next on the list, then on and on and on.....

If you would like to investigate the raw files, I posted the raw files here >> SHOTGUN RAW FILES Right click and select save as
AND here >> LAVALIER RAW FILES Right click and select save as

I did not have a Dead Cat for the shotgun and there was some wind noise outside. Next on my list.

The shotgun mic was tinny sounding and I had some issues playing with it to make it sound somewhat close to the lav mic. I still did not get it right though. The shotgun mic had an echo inside that would indicate a hyper-cardioid mic would do better.

Also, the shotgun levels were low and had to add some gain to the shotgun to get it loud enough. Some amplification would have helped in the field, but you can only put so much lipstick on a pig huh ?

I used a low pass filter on all audio files. I played with the EQ on the shotgun and used the low pass filter to try and get it to be less tinny.

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AWESOME man! VERY funny too xD

And I just listened to the files and they, to me, sound Fantastic! Especially the Lavelier :)

Cool, alright so there was ONE tiny thing I was confused about; do you record from Both the Lavelier and Shotgun simultaneously always? Do you combine them, or just record with both then figure out which sounds better and go with that one? Also(I know, more than 1 question ;) do you connect the shotgun to the Olympus recorder, and the same with the Lavelier on a separate Olympus?

Thanks a bunch again man, youve been EXTREMELY helpful and generous!

PS: You should also definitley go into voice acting as well! youve got a very distinctive voice ~8^D
I was recording onto 2 recorders, laid all 3 tracks onto the video editor .......Tracks: 1. Cam w/ Video 2. Shotgun 3. Lav ........I synched up the Shotgun & Lav to the Cam. THEN I selected which one I wanted to use at any time. You can combine them, but I figger go w/ what's best and remember they do sound different so some knowledge of sound editing is required to make all of the dialog in a project sound the way you want it. I struggle with that one meself.

Some of us have good looks, some have nice voices. guess which one I got ? But the things I have gotten using this silver tongue have served me well ! :D

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