Editing Nintendo 3DS video

I bought a Nintendo 3DS last week ( lol Animal Crossing
), and the device lets you shoot pics & even video in 3D.

I've had absolutely zero luck on how to edit the video footage, so that it's suitable for playback on 3DS devices. I have found several tutorials on how to convert & edit the footage so that it's suitable for upload to YouTube in various other formats, but not for reintroducing to 3DS (either online or SD card) for playback.

Anyone happen to know what I need, or what I need to get? My Bing-fu is weak today, and I've not been able to find anything useful on the Nintendo support forums.

Still pottering about, figuring out a decent workflow. I've found a splitter to turn the original 3d video file into two separate video files, will try popping those into AEFX in a side-by-side mode, and then render those into single files to be mux'd up with an audio track.

Thanks for the tips & ideas, peeps. Got me going in the right direction. I'll post a workflow pic once I have a quick finished file. :cool: