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Hey everyone!

Do you have any exp and you can recommend some good dron for start. the key factors for me:

easy to fly (rookie)
hd video footage
good ability to be stability fly to make establishing shots.

any recommendations?
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i though about this one , did you fly this thing?
not yet. I am going to buy Fly More combo - you get at least 3 batteries and small carrying case charger etc for not much higher price. There is newer Mini 2 but it reported to have some battery deformation problems so the cheaper and tried Mini should be good for my needs I think.

Nate North

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The Mavic line is good, as a starter. I shot a feature using one of the Phantom 4 pro drones. It looks good, but not really cinema good, more like a gopro black. Not bad, it worked. The big thing I'd advise is to buy extra batteries, an extra charger, and a car power adapter so you can recharge batteries on the go. I would also strongly recommend the VR style headset. When you're trying to get a good shot, it's night and day difference between trying to do so on the phone vs the headset. I'll post a clip or two over in the video section if you'd like to see some non sponsored filming on the Phantom pro. I shot most of the film in 3k rather than 4 for processing reasons, so it should be pretty close to the Mavic.