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color-grading Does color grading make you dizzy or nauseous?

I haven't eaten anything unusual, though there's always a possibility of random food poisoning. Or catching a virus. :shocked: But I wonder if it's the color grading. Previously, I did short spurts of grading along the way. In the 11th hour before publishing my film, I realized everything was off - I had always set my monitor to "warm" plus I didn't really understand balancing color despite all the tutorials I watched. So things were blue-ish AND inconsistent. I've been color grading all day every day for about a week. Even with breaks I seem to catch dizziness and nausea. Haven't thrown up yet, though maybe I should have? lol

Then again, people do color grading for a living, right? Maybe I should see a doc. 🥴
If you're a full time editor probably you'll want to check these while working!
- Have a window nearby, specially if you smoke while working.
- Don't have water or anything close to keep you sitting for hours, make sure to get up from time to time.
- Check your posture while sitting!
- Have enough light!! Don't let you be absorbed by the batcave.
- If you don't have enough light, you might want to low down the brightness on your screen.

And lastly, although not everybody can afford it:
- Invest in your monitor!
Well, I kind of meant it in a different way. I don't know how to do it. And watching a tutorial just confuses me more. Anybody absolutely terrified of ruining your picture over the littlest thing?