licensing Does anyone have experience with music licensing?

Hello to all the members,
i am making a research about all the music licensing possibilities. There are so many options. I was wondering, how the filmmakers look through this licensing labyrinth and find what music for what territories to get. Do you have any experiences with that? I would be happy if you can share them with me, or if you have these kind of trouble, let's talk about it too. :)
sfrost82: I saw this post a few days ago but thought you may have found your answers by now. Do you mean 1) how do film makers find the right music for their films, 2) how do film makers get permission to use music in their films or 3) what types of licensing is needed in order to use music in a film?
You should talk to a lawyer who is licensed in Germany or other parts of Europe. If you want an American lawyer, I can refer someone, but they are expensive, because they know what they're doing.