Do you have any bad movie(s) on your computer you won't remove?

Which one? And Why?
Note: "bad" is based on your own criterias

That said. Here is mine: The Legend of Hercules (2014) starring Kellan Lutz.
Wow! this movie is rubish. The screenplay is so messy that nothing else could have saved it. Really!
Now, the reason why I keep it is the fight scene between the two kings at the beginning. I like the choregrahy and the edition.

The lesson I learned from this movie? Well nothing could save a movie from a very bad screenplay.

Your turn guys! Share your experiences!

Thanks & talk soon!
you mean bad movies we have seen or bad movies we have been a part of?

I love watching bad movies, I think you learn more from bad movies than good ones because you learn everything NOT to do where as with a great film its much harder to pick out everything that's done great because its hidden smoothly in its excellent execution.

Ive been part of one 'bad' movie, holding steady with a 3.5 on IMDb and an 18% on rotten tomato's and only bad reviews, I actually left 1.5 days into production because I could tell it was 'winged' with little pre-production and that made me nervous (im a big pre-planner and the worst sets ive ever been on where I was just miserable with long days and no clue whats happening where badly pre-planned) so only had a small part in it really

I finally got up the courage to watch it the other day and didn't actually hate it, it had a great self awareness of how bad it is to the point that it was a satirical parody of itself which made it surprisingly endearing although maybe because I know everyone in it I'm more aware of how its a laugh at our own expense where as people who don't know us likely don't get it, its also distributed in America but its a very British crude humor film so that maybe doesnt help

well I say one Ive been on other bad movies but they have been such shitshows that either nothing came of them in the end or our credits where removed due to egotistical and rude director who treat us like crap