film-school Do I need film school?

I’m a college student, I’ve always had a love for film but the idea was suppressed by my African parents. So I’m in the middle of college and I’m realizing that i want to pursue film, but idk the next step. Do I go to film school? Do I learn on my own?!? I NEED HELP
Not after this Corona period....
There are still busy professionals (most of my friends are luckily busy, and I'm still keeping my head just above water for the moment) - mostly those doing motion graphics work on promos, plus there's more work obviously for those handling stock footage research/clearance. As a lot of new commercials are now using stock footage. Live shoots are down, but the industry is still busy promoting old and new shows. And they all need trailers and graphics etc. And that work (for some) is keeping them busy. That's why I always tell people to try to have multiple skills and jobs - particularly in the post production and promotional aspects of the industry. I'm not saying it's rosy, it's definitely not. Just that when one door closes, others can open up (such as the aforementioned stock footage work)..
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