DIY Telecine

I've got a question about those DIY telecine boxes that show up on ebay so often..

Clearly it wouldn't be as good as a professional telecine, but I'm wondering if people have any experiences with them that they can share. Specifically I'm wondering if there is a flicker issue, and if so how do you go about correcting it (eliminating the flicker).

I'm thinking about getting one, but trying to decide if that or shooting on the wall or what is my best choice. Thanks!
You mean those 8mm projector boxes that you slip your camcorder in on the other side and video tape the image?

They work somewhat. I dont recall a flicker or the frame line problem you get when you try video taping media files off of a TV or Monitor. My uncle had one about 20 years ago. When he used an older sony VHS camera. but I dont know if digital video would be any worst or better.

Professionals charge 10 bucks per 100 feet from what this website said. I found it awhile back while checking prices for transfering HDV to 16mm or 35mm. they want 400 bucks a minute. EXPENSIVE!
ya.. dv to film is insane... I was wondering if anyone has tried, or even considered using a (most likely rented) very high end DLP projector or something, and doing the same kind of DIY telecine, but in reverse to get DV onto film.. could work, no?

But, my main question was about going from film to DV...
Uninformed reply incoming... :abduct:


I read that to reduce flicker on a DIY 'cine, that one should have a projector with a 5-bladed shutter-thingy. Apparently 3-bladed is pretty common, but more flickery.

Whether that is accurate or not, I have no idea. Just what I read. :cool: