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video Digital Zoom / Resolution question

Hi everyone, first time post. I'm making a music video on an absolute shoestring. I have some footage that I shot on a cameraphone which had a big black spot on the lens which I couldn't clean or remove, so I digital zoomed to crop it out.

I'm now trying to figure out how usable this footage is. It was shot on "Full HD", 1920x1080, and it seems (correct me if I'm wrong) that the zoom factor (2.8) will have reduced the resolution to roughly 0.2 megapixels.

Thing is, this footage - playing on my 13 inch laptop - looks fine in the rough-cut alongside other footage from less rubbish cameras. When I zoom right in using the inspector in Resolve (my vid editor of choice) it seems to pixellate at around the same zoom factor as other footage.

I don't need this video to look pristine because (if you hadn't guessed) I'm leaning into the DIY aesthetic with it, but I'd hate for some portions of the video to turn to pixellated crap on a larger screen. What do y'all reckon? Can I get away with it? Is there a way I can definitively check how this footage will cope on bigger screens (given that I don't have access to any)? Advice much appreciated, thanks!


Staff Member
Does your laptop not have an hdmi out?
Just plug it into a big tv and look at it that way. Or upload a private vid to YouTube and watch the link on a huge screen elsewhere

when I want a Big screen to review my editing I Put my HMD on and visit a virtual reality movie theatre and play my footage on the enormous cinema screen