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watch Delura: a 3d sci-fi animated series

This thread will be the singular place for all Delura episodes I link here. You may also access the series and tons of other info at www.delura.tanadrine.com ... Below is the trailer for what I consider to be season 1. Season 2 is in production as of this post.

Episodes may contain brief language, disturbing imagery or otherwise, so viewer discretion is advised.


All episodes and Delura-related content can be found by visiting my YouTube Delura playlist. Most content is sorted by date released. Note that you can also view most Delura video content directly on our website.
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I'm enjoying this. My only critiques are that all of the sounds overlap frequencies (making it hard to hear dialog when there's music or louder background noise - spread the range out a bit, drop the keyboards an octave or two to free up the vocals perhaps) and that some of the dialog is a bit on point (More visuals, less dialog - the first two episodes were stronger than the first even though I couldn't hear 50% of the dialog.

I love the early 90's video game look of the thing personally, I don't feel it detracts from the storytelling at all... watch your dialog, as I would write at the edge of the script; TMD = Too Much Dialog.
I enjoyed it a lot. Everything looks really professional. I'd agree that the dialogue needs more priority in the mix, but it looks like you've already addressed that.
I enjoyed it a lot. Everything looks really professional. I'd agree that the dialogue needs more priority in the mix, but it looks like you've already addressed that.

Eh, I wouldn't call it "professional" by a long shot. The Chronicles of Nerm thread is an example of professional level.

Anyways, I hope to have episode 004 done by mid-May 2011. Production time for this episode has been bumped up due to complexities, roadblocks and extra time needed in research/development. With luck, this next installment will really raise the bar in showcasing what I am capable of.
We're trying to find new ways to put out Delura content in-between episodes. So, we've implemented Delura Render Comics. These are meant to fill in those big gaps between installment releases without taking too much time or energy away from the main animated production. We plan to publish render comics 1-2 times a week.

I love what you've done so far! It's very impressive and I love sci-fi... and then there was a fox which just about sold it for me. Haha

A few tips - Add annotations telling people to subscribe to your channel with a link that opens in a new window. Also, suggest they "like" the video at the end. It helps with ratings. Plus that will get you more return viewers.
I'll definitely try out those suggestions... I've been making it a point to periodically try new things. After all, they say that an aspect of insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting different results :).

Things i've recently done:

-Monetized all content on YouTube which I own the rights for to help offset costs (mainly our website). This excludes Delura EP 003-005; I want to compensate my volunteers and get an agreement signed before I do this. My volunteers rock, and they deserve it.

-Put custom thumbnails for my videos. YouTube JUST enabled this for me... and it sure is nice to not be stuck with the crappy selections of previous now. I'm experimenting with whiting out the edges so that the icons themselves are a different shape than the average thumbnail to make them stick out.

-Added hyperlinks to all of my Delura episodes in the description of every video AND annotated "next/previous" episode links. Should make it easier for viewers to browse through content. (though, the list may eventually get quite long, so I may just link my Delura playlist + the next/previous episode instead).

-Organized my YouTube Channel to display my content in categories. So... if someone only cares about my 3d tutorial videos, they can pull up a playlist with only that content. I may later use this to help link people to my content as my video library grows.

-Opened up a general chat forum that requires no registration. I don't expect much traffic and will make it register-only eventually as our audience grows, but it is there for now.

Making the viewer experience as convenient and logical as possible is a big concern of mine, so anything that makes it easier is a big plus in my book. The website needs a bit of work... but it'll have to be a gradual process.
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That's a great idea. How long til feature, roughly, btw? :cool:

Edit: Dang! Go fix your formatting in OP. Tables waaaay broken. :bag:
That's a great idea. How long til feature, roughly, btw? :cool:

Edit: Dang! Go fix your formatting in OP. Tables waaaay broken. :bag:

It is hard to say right now... I have a bad habit of something always taking longer than when I say, so I'm going to zip my mouth :). It'll be out when it's out.

I suppose what I can say is that EP 005.03 is... production-wise, 70% done. Renders alone are estimated to require about an entire month to output the approximate 7 minute episode (as in, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across TWO computers). I may be able to get help from Delura 3d contributors in this area and a few have offered their hardware to assist with renders, so we'll see how much that will cut down on the time.

What I'm doing with EP 005.03 is the bleeding edge of my capabilities, both for my own skills and the tools I use. Of course, the episode also features contributions from very talented folks generous enough to give me a hand with modeling, texturing, and other stuff, but their encouragement is even more valuable to me than that.

...Let's fix that original post so it isn't so messed up... I'll just make the trailer a YouTube video and link my YouTube channel page.
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