Dark Film and game soundtracks, free for non commercial use

We appreciate your contribution to Save Point, I've kept your music on file, and each time there is a new scene or video, your work gets auditioned along with the footage along with the rest of the options. It's strength is that your music is so unique, and creates a memorable mood. The downside is that it's a bit hard to find an exact match for it, because it's such a bespoke vibe.

I've listened to everything in your catalogue multiple times, and I'm sure a perfect scene for one of the songs will eventually arrive.

As feedback, I'd note that your music is rich in texture and vibe, but suffers a bit on the production side, and is a bit too even, without as many standout moments as some. I'd reference Porcupine Tree's "the sky moves sideways" as an example of how slow burning psychedelic music can reach powerful apex moments that could work well in film.

Definitely useful stuff, I'd recommend others giving this library a shot.

I tried your link to see if you had anything new, but for me the link led to a removed page, so not sure what happened there.