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"dark crimes" at FAIF


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For those of you in Southern California, my movie will be screening at the FAIF International Film Festival at the Chinese Theater on October 7.

Check HERE for festival info.
You can see the trailer HERE

Be sure to introduce yourself - I'd love to put a face to the name.


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LGF saw it at the AFI screening last year and made a preemptive offer. Essentially, let's see how it does in festivals and if anyone makes an offer let us know. A rep will be there. A rep from First Look and Killer Films has agreed to come and so far I have 6 confirmed from smaller distributors.

Please introduce yourself Robert. I'd love to meet you.
Thought I'd bump this thread telling my experience seeing the movie. I must say, having a movie screened at the Mann Chinese Theater in the heart of Hollywood is pretty damn exciting. The movie, Dark Crimes, was very well done. The combination of the lighting, jazz score, and snappy dialogue, gave it a real film noir look and feel. Especially in the early bar scene and the following motel scene (the shot of Benny in her underwear, half hidden in shadow with the window blinds casting the unmistakable 40's lighting, was a perfect example).

I don't remember the name of the actress who played Benny, but she really kicked ass in her role. I wouldn't be surprised to see her staring in a TV series soon.

The older guy was very funny. At first, his acting wasn't working for me, but as the story played out, his exasperated line delivery grew on me and he ended up having some of the funniest lines, and best laughs in the movie.

Speaking of that first bar scene... that must have been a nightmare to shoot! It came across as one long, continuous take (i noticed one obvious cut, but if there were more, I didnt see them) and I can only imagine how difficult it was considering all the actors, dialogue and blocking involved during the scene. The final result was very impressive.

What are your plans with the movie? Distribution? More festivals?
Well i have not seen the Dark Crimes feature, however i have watched your trailer and it looks a good movie. Plenty of girls in underwear is what i like to see!


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It was great to see you Robert. Sorry I could talk a little more - for some reason everyone wanted to talk to me after the screening...

It was exciting to screen at the Chinese. I was disappointed they screened off a DVD and was upset that they used the wrong one. They used the screener which was made to be seen on a TV screen. We did a different DVD for larger projection - different image and color correction. SD video doesn't hold the blacks well and we did a lot of work to bring out the detail.

Stacey (Benny) was great. This was her first movie and she hated the whole process of making a movie. She walked out of the theater during the first screening at AFI. When I called he the next day she said she couldn't stand seeing herself on the big screen. She has quit acting. A real loss, i think. She is really good.

The bar scene was done in one continuous 21 minute shot. We had a camera bump in one of the takes so I had to combine two takes with that one cut - yep, it's the only one.

There were reps from LGF, Killer Films and First Look there. I didn't talk to them, the producer did. This movie is a hard sell.

Eddie, I always say it's not a real movie without hot girls in underwear. Casablanca? Citizen Kane? Bah! Not real movies.