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Dallas/Fort Worth People: The Killing Holly premiere is this Wednesday at 7:30PM!

Are you going?

Wednesday, October 29th, seating at 7:00PM, starts at 7:30PM
Studio Movie Grill (Arlington)
225 Merchants Row
Arlington, TX 76018 (I-20 & Matlock)

Tickets are $8 and can be purchased online via paypal:

After you purchase your tickets online, your seats will be reserved and
you can pickup your ticket at the event when you arrive. We will also
list you on an RSVP list.

About Killing Holly:
An up and coming Hollywood celebrity named David (Drew Waters) gets word
that his celebrity girlfriend Holly (Lindsay Hightower) is leaving him.
Afraid of the negative publicity of a breakup he contacts his friend Tom
(Josh Durham) and asks him to kill her. Tom sets out to kill Holly but
things don't go smoothly.

Tagline: Snuffing one broad shouldn't be this hard.

Killing Holly is a low budget dark comedy feature shot on a shoestring
budget in the DFW area with DFW actors and crew. There were approximately
100 people involved in the project. This is my first feature as well as
Chris Compton's first feature.

This is the first screening, worldwide for the film, shot entirely in the
DFW metroplex. The cast and crew will be in attendance. A short Q&A will
follow the movie. Many Dallas filmmakers, talent agents, and
actors/actresses will be there.

For more info on the movie including a cast/crew list, please visit the
Killing Holly IMDb page:

Look forward to seeing you there!


Here's some photos from on set/behind the scenes...