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link Cynthia Hanson needs your help!

Hey everybody! First time poster here, and I just HAVE to tell you about this aspiring movie maker! Like the title says, her name is Cynthia Hanson, and she just released her first of 12 movies! They're all planned to star the Wogglebug, an anthropomorphic bug created by the wise scientist Professor Knowitall, as he goes on adventures in the world of Genoma. They're kids' films, but the characters (especially the Wogglebug himself) and the world are so charming, they'll enrapture the hearts of adults too! Now, Cynthia has been creating Wogglebug content on YouTube for a few years now, and frankly, I feel that she should be more well-known. Fortunately, if you are reading this, you can help with that by buying the DVD and telling all of your friends about the Wogglebug!

Buy the movie here:

Wogglebuglove Productions channel trailer:
Welcome to the party. I hate to piss in anyone's Wheaties so soon after joining, but Woggle-bug is an L Frank Baum character, and I'm unclear about the legal ramifications of Indietalk promoting or empowering the promotion of something that may constitute copyright infringement. Does Cynthia Hanson and/or wogglebugloveproductions have the rights to exploit Woggle-bug?