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"CYNTHIA" - 2 minutes Short Film!

Disclaimer!! (I'm the only one who constantly needs to write this, right? Sorry about my traumas!)

So I was tired of always editing for everybody and never being able to work as a Director, so I created this short film that doesn't even have dialogue: "Cynthia".

I focused myself on getting a crew, directing the actors, getting the exact angle that I wanted, coordinating everyone at the same time... and obviously, getting something for eating and drinking for all of them!

I've featured my own movies for many years and it was ok when my goal was to be a succesful YouTuber, but in the cinema industry things work differently. No matter what, YOU NEED A CREW. You might want to check if you have already done your own "Cynthia"!

It may be one of my most "simple" works, but it's a special one for me because it was my first real experience as a Director.

Also, it was a nice success on Twitter and Álex de la Iglesia himself saw and liked it!

Let me know your thoughts on this one!
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