Curious about me?

The username Westdijk covers my name for half. I use a translation program from Google, because unfortunately I can use some support in English. I am from the Netherlands. I started enthusiastically to build a spacefighter in my free time of wood and screws. Not the usual way to start filming, but I want to use the mock-up to gain experience.
I am still figuring out how to make my creation suitable for the camera. Unfortunately, I do not get my questions answered with reading only. I want to use your experience and knowledge to help me further.
RE: Feutus Lapdance

I am from the province Noord-Brabant.

In short my project:

That is how I started.

The backside

Slowly but steadily I progress with the construction. Soon the pilot will only be visible from the waist up.
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RE: El Director
Hi back.

RE: Feutus Lapdance

I enjoyed it and at the same time learned a lot from my carpentry. More than I expected. I still have work on my project, but in the process one learns. We will see where it all leads to.

I already posted my first question in the forum about combination of colors for the camera.
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RE: UneducatedFan

Hey, I'm not a carpenter. :) I try to make it without a lot of budget. I want to keep it simple, because otherwise I'm afraid I'll drop out before I can realize something on camera. But thanks.

I hope to learn from the experiences of others here.
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