Composer looking for new projects to work on

Hi guys,

I'm a media composer from France.
I've worked on indie game and a few short films. I've recently entered the Zurich Film Music Competition which purpose was to re-score the short animation movie by Steve Cutts, "Happiness".

Here's a link to my entry :

I've always seen the film industry as my ultimate goal as a composer, being kind of a movie nerd myself.
From my past experience (good and bad), I'm convinced that communication is key between the composer and the director and that is the sort of work relationship I'm looking to find here.

I can do pretty much anything in term of genres and I love to experiment and to be pushed out of my comfort zone. Please consider contacting me if you'd like to collaborate

Website :
Soundcloud :
Email :
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Just checked your work, nice scoring, Nicolas!

Posted a comment on YouTube from my films channel, just in case you want to check some of my work as well.

I'm sure we can all do cool stuff together!