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watch Community Project - Connected

I've seen several threads recently started on the forums, trying to put together a community film project. Figured I'd share one I did a tiny bit of work on last year.

I don't know the writer/director at all. He (maybe she?) had written a script that took place all around the world, and interwoven characters that seemed to spend a lot of time talking on their cellphones. There's a main thread of a story as well, but the idea is... well... everyone is connected.

An aspiring actress I know replied to a Craigslist post, when they were casting. She was cast for a small role (they all are), and asked us for help to film it... which we did... and the footage was emailed off. Six months later, the series was released. (I've forgotten which episode our piece is in).

At any rate, I thought this might be of interest to those IT'ers who are racking their brains for ideas, or perhaps even unsure if a worldwide global collaboration is possible. It sure is... though of course, the quality may be a bit hit & miss with so many variables in the mix of contributors. :lol:

So here we go: Connected (proof-of-concept episode)


The actual series episodes that follow are a lot more cohesive than #0 , but still wanders. So there. Hope someone ends up with some new ideas. :cool:

Your piece isn't in that episode, right?

To be honest, I thought the quality was pretty dreadful. The main problem was the acting (compounded by the terrible sound) and the editing which was incredibly stilted. Still, it certainly gives food for thought about how to do it better! I think the director had a nice idea about utilising those different locations, but the execution isn't quite there....
Absolutely, it's pretty terrible, sure. That wasn't the point, though. :)

The dude ended up finishing his dream project with the help of some two hundred random people from across the globe, by the time it was all done... And all he had to do was ask. That's what needs to be taken away here. :cool:

In any event, a sub-par film is still better than a project shelved because "effort". :bag:

Yeah. :abduct:
Thanks for sharing, dude. These kinds of projects can and do happen, it's just the nature of The Communication Age that, as they say, when it's time to railroad, you railroad. People can do it so they try.

I'm trying to find the name of the project but a little while ago Ernest participated in something like this where they dramatized the real-life final(?) words of death row inmates. I haven't seen the whole thing but the trailer looked awesome and it's been playing festivals. Actually speaking of Ernest, I think I'll shoot him an email about our project. I'm sure he'll be down for it.