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Clyde - The Webseries

Hi guys!

So I basically formed a production crew wtih a few people and we're under way on our first productions!

Below is an extract directly from our Indiegogo page, but I don't really expect you guys to donate. A simple like on facebook or a follow on twitter is all I'd like!

Anyway please also tell me of what you think of the campaign video. It was our first video together, so it's unfortuantely a bit choppy. We'll work on it!

Thanks for reading so far, if you have the guts to read on...



"Clyde is an upcoming webseries about all those things in life we wish we did, or wish to do. The actions we make in life define who we are as a person. So, if you were to act as you've always dreamt, wouldn't you be the person you've always dreamt of being?

Hoya, my name is Long. I'm an aspiring director/actor from Melbourne. One day I bumped into the film industry, and have found it to be a greatly rewarding place to be! I realised that I needed to actually do something in order to keep moving forward in this industry, so I formed a production team, filled with enthusiastic members. Members, who are hungry and ready to bring Clyde to life. Hopefully evident by our pitch video, we love to have a bit of fun! But when we're required to be professional, we're just that.

Clyde is a project we want to (and will) complete because it targets themes that we believe are some of the most important in every person's lives. We don't want to say too much about this though; watch Clyde and figure it out for yourself!

Clyde - The Webseries is currently planned as a 6 - episode series, with potentially more episodes if we are able to fit them in. However, don't think that your donation will only assist in this season! Your donation will travel with us all the way through our future productions!

The funds raised for Clyde will be used to create more and better productions! I (I can't speak for the other members on this!) will continue to push my productions to the next level, so rest easy on the fact that your support will carry with me through several projects!"

tell me of what you think of the campaign video

The first 30 seconds is probably the most important time to get the audience energised about your pitch. In your vid, absolutely nothing happens.

Watched the whole thing; can't really say I ended up knowing more about your project overall.

Sound was a bit dodgy; message not clear; heck, you even say it's choppy; portraying a moneyed upper crust; asking for 8k of others' hard-earned money... that's a hard sell.

It needs work. :)
Hmmm... What happened to the campaign page?
It states it's in 'draft mode'.

"The page you are looking for is currently in "DRAFT" mode and hidden from the public. Please contact the campaign owner if you feel this is in error!"

Everything going to be okay?