checklist: Who are in your tv show crew/team?

Creaw Team:
- Producer
- Host
- Writer
- Camera man
- editor
- Makeup sponsor
- Costume sponsor

Other questions:
- Anyone else you had in your crew?
- How much you paid each person for your first pilot? :huh:
You missed a few obvious ones that even most of the public know: Director and actors.

Some of the ones that less people know: Director of Photography, Production Sound Mixer, Boom Operator(s), First AD, Production Manager, Foley, Sound Mixer, Sound Designer, Assistant Editor, Property Master, SFX Supervisor, Location Scout, Location Manager and the list goes on.

Each production is different. The rates depend on what you need and where you shoot.


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Other questions:
- Anyone else you had in your crew?
1st AC
1st AD
script supervisor
electrician (3)
key grip
dolly grip
grips (3)
set dresser
audio recordist
boom op
craft services
PA’s (5)

That's just production. Post production is a different set of people.