Can someone read my ideas?

I'm looking for someone that can read what i have written down currently and telling me if it is any good and if it is worth pursuing.
there are definitely misspellings in there lol


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there are definitely misspellings in there lol
1) Well this isn't much of a concept to me... It's more character creation. I have no idea what the GREAT WAR was. Neither do I understand what HIS KIND is. That he lives off a single POWER CRYSTAL tells me this is probably science fiction/fantasy but not much more than that. As a character? I've definitely seen worse but as a possible story? Not enough here to make me sit up and take notice... So far.

2) Pretty much the same comments as #1.

3) Giving me a TERMINATOR vibe... How will this be different?

4) From TERMINATOR vibe to BLADE RUNNER vibe.

5) Now you're talking about MAGIC and from what little I can tell... Mixing in MAGIC with inventions and machines that have taken over a city?

So... I think you have the beginning of a concept but you definitely have more character than concept overall. Not much more but more. Am I also to understand you may be attempting to turn this into a series of some kind?

If it were me? I'd take what you already have... Kick it up so you have a clear beginning, middle, and end and consider turning this into a book FIRST even if you were to self-publish on Amazon. I say that because even IF you were to write this as a complete SEASON of a potential series, it would be difficult to get anyone on board because this is obviously going to be a special effects laden story.

Nail IT in a book and you have PROOF OF CONCEPT.

Just my two cents.

Not a bad beginning...