Can anyone make animated logo's?

Ok. With paying, being a indie maker, moneys not on trees you know, so freebees would be great! But if someone was really good and wasn't too expensive, i could think about paying a little. I have a few idea's in mind, so get back at me with your response about this info. Cheers for your reply!
ok. i really want this font: FT ScandinavianTitan2 , saying Contempovision Films
The fonts white, it would look good with a black or dark background
if someone could make it look like its being sketched/wrote on there, and
have the back ground as i said before, dark, and kind of flashy, like dodgey film, like lines through the whole thing, but not over taking the font being wrote on there.

K, dont know if that makes any sense, but it's just what came out!
It'll probably be good to be about 6-10 seconds long. And i have to say, a big :cheers: CHEERS :cheers: to all the people on this board who help out and contribute to this board, since i joined, its all been good and people helping and sharing is going to help everyone. This is great! :D