Bye Bye Lakers

Goodbye Lakers.

I will always remember 2002 Western Conference Finals and the paid-off officiating against the Kings which allowed the Lakers to walk into the Finals.

Go "drown your sorrows at the pub" again, Kobe.

Next year, the Lakers will be a mid-level team and the few years after that they'll be bottom-feeders. Kobe's legacy looks like it's over.

Happy Mother's Day :)
Hey, I know how you feel.

My team's about to get relegated :cry:

I'm not so sure ROC is a Lakers fan. Sounds to me like he's not. Sorry about your team, though, Nick.

I don't have any sports to follow, at the moment. Not much of a baseball fan, and I've completely sworn off the NBA, ever since they stole my Supersonics. I'm okay with it, though. I've got Summer Blockbusters to entertain me until the start of (American) football season.

Go!!! Thor!!!
Yeah the Supersonics move was really stupid.

They were threatening to steal my Kings, too, and add ANOTHER team to L.A. Imagine that...


I hate the Lakers. :)
Well, in that case, I retract my sympathy! :P

Don't worry about my beloved Hammers too much, we've been bottom of the league practically since day one :(
I don't wanna hear about it -- they started here (hence the name). Minnesota is great at starting teams that get sold off to other places to become greats.

but I do feel your pain, I'm just waiting for the twins and the vikings to move somewhere that makes the names not make sense.
Nick, a friend of mine of the past 15 years is a West Ham fan too and he has the same tone of resignation when talking of his beloved team.
My beloved Geelong Cats in the Australian Football League are undefeated so far this season and are up against the other undefeated team and reigning premiers Collingwood on Friday night. Should be a ripper. I'm excited.