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camera Budget Friendly Camera?

I'm going to need to take a few digital image and film making classes in upcoming semesters and I was wondering if anyone knew any college budget friendly cameras? Ideally one that would record video and take pictures so I don't have to buy two different pieces of gear.

Any help would be fantastic! Thanks! :)

A common newbie question around here. Search the forums and you’ll find several good answers. Most point to DSLR or mirrorless. You don’t need full frame; that will ruin your eye for proper depth of field. APS-C is perfectly useful. So is S35.

And 4K probably isn’t an issue for you for a while. If you can’t figure it out in 1080p, 4K isn’t going to save you.
Haha I suppose doing a forum search would've been a better choice before making another one of these, then. My bad! :deadhorse:

Thanks for the quick reply! I found a good bundle with a Canon EOS Rebel T7 that looks pretty standard and newbie friendly. Thanks, Acoustic! :)
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Check if the school has them, then, you don't need to worry until graduation (or end of courses).