Bucket Lists, Truffle Pigs, and Soundscapes

Hello there, everyone. My name is Miles, but you can call me Baze. I'm a music producer, composer, and songwriter currently based in Boston. I'm entering my 30s, and one of my big "life goal" items is to score my first movie. In the meantime, I produce music for others, have a solo project under my alias Baze Blackwood, and gig professionally.

As far as movie scoring, I really admire the work that Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross do. My own songwriting style has taken on a cinematic bent in the past few years, so it only seems natural I'd be drawn to doing it myself. The film that I'm looking forward to seeing right now is probably "Pig" with Nicholas Cage starring as a reclusive, dispossessed Pacific Northwest truffle hunter (namely dispossessed of his prized truffle-hunting pig, seemingly his only friend). It seems to be a perfect role for Cage, who rides the line between serious and absurd better than anyone else.

If you want to chat more about anything, let me know! Interested in all sorts of collaborations (film, animation, experimental) and arrangements, and otherwise just excited to be here!