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Bryan here

Hello everyone, retired military guy learning new things. Doing videos for local non-profits with my very patient wife as well as small personal projects. Active in the local camera club. Nikon DSLR as our primary camera for video work. Working mostly with PremierePro, Audition.

First, thank you for your service.

Second, as one of the resident sound folks here I have to add my obligatory...

Your project will only look as good as it sounds, because
"Sound is half of the experience"

If your film looks terrible but has great sound, people might just think it's your aesthetic.
If your film looks great and has bad sound, people will think you're an amateur.

Sound is the first indicator to the industry that you know what you're doing.


Pro Member
Congrats on retirement!

I am active duty Coast Guard pushing closer in that direction every day.

Do you have aspirations for narrative pieces or bigger productions as you go? Or are you just side hustling with something you enjoy?