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Black Rock Canyon

This is just a short film showing one of the locations being developed for the main projects. I think I overdid it a bit on the cinematography this time. It probably needs a higher ratio of shots that don't have huge camera movement. There is a big sound mix error in the middle, so I'll have to upload a fixed copy later.
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Stunning graphics. I don't have any experience with landscapes but yours look very real. At first I though they were shot with a quadcopter. Nice work..
Thanks! This new Nanite technology is one of the main reasons I can even do this project. Basically there's no more polygon limit, and it's optimizing count on the fly, so that's how you can just spam 5 million individual rocks across a 30 mile square without blowing up your computer.
hold up, how big is that moose at 4 minutes
landscape looks stunning
It's a Deer, and it's approximately 120 feet tall. There's another one earlier, but it kind of fades into the desert. When they move in later scenes I'm going to have each footfall kick up these huge plumes of sand and dust.