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Black Creek Productions

Congrats on getting this project moving forward! :yes:

Just to toss a (very) little something your way, there's some ALfilm.org info in here you might be able to extract some useful intel on to up-sell producers looking to spend juuuuust under that half-mil mark to qualify for a rebate: http://www.indietalk.com/showthread.php?t=40055
(Don't say a d@mn thing about Mississippi's film breaks!)

Note the second page tab on that spreadsheet! ;)


Also, some rate information on anything available would be useful.
rayw...thanks for the info. I do location scouting for the Alabama Film Commission and they are trying to get the budget minimum down to 200K to attract smaller budgets.
Since I'm somewhat puter techno impaired I had someone else do the website. I have a lot to learn about being an admin on my site and I'll make improvements as I get more comfortable with it.
My main concern was getting the site out there and actually getting a film shot at the industrial location. I have more sites that will be added as I go along.
I'm working with some relocated/retired Hollywood types that are itching to get back into making movies (they got tired of the west coast rat race).
My belief is that if I can get one good film shot at the primary site it will become a go to spot to film at since there are so many buildings from the 1900's to the 1990's.
To that end I have written a concept for a low budget horror movie and am meeting with the local guys next week.
I already have 5k pledged as seed money from an investor. I hope with that I can attract more and end up with at least a 100k budget.
My background is public relations and media liason (retired Army Master Sgt.). I worked with national and local media in my capacity as a Public Affairs Supervisor for a Training Support Division.
Anybody that is interested in filming here can contact me and I can set up a tour of any of the sites.

I've had several locations scouts visit my primary site in person (old steel mill complex) and they were blown away by the possibilities. One guy said he could film a hundred moves there and never show the same scenery.
I'm doing a ribbon cutting next month for Black Creek Productions at the Gadsden Chamber of Commerce. An indie guy from LA has said he wants to see the site and attend the event while he's here.
"If you build it they will come" seems to be a real concept.

I had two reporters visit Monday (Dec. 23rd, 2013) and interview me for different publications.
One article has already been put on line and the other will be in a newspaper the first week in Jan.
Here is the link:http://blog.al.com/east-alabama/2013/12/black_creek_productions_market.html#incart_river

In related news I have been contacted by several local indie film makers that I didn't know about.

We are meeting early next year to work together on doing several films and web series.

I love it when a plan comes together.

During the "recent" Veteran's Day parade I was hoping you'd be able to get some of your trucks & mobile gear out and about for both support and promotional dual-task purposes. ;)
During the "recent" Veteran's Day parade I was hoping you'd be able to get some of your trucks & mobile gear out and about for both support and promotional dual-task purposes.

Rayw....are you local?

I have had the M927 in several military parades and veterans events.
We have a movie in the project file that will be about wounded veterans and will feature them. There will be a lot of military vehicles in it.
I have been casting the net all over the country and I would love to get one heavy hitter to film here.
Heh, I love the accents

My accent has followed me all my life. When I went to the Defense Information School to become a military journalist I had to do a screen test and a voice test in addition to doing the print portion of the school.
Since writing has always been my forte I was not too disappointed when they said I had the face for radio but not the voice. I was told I had a "pronounced Southern accent". I ended up being the Public Affairs Supervisor for an Army Reserve Training Support Division which equates to a 6000 man organization spread throughout the Southeast.
I was calling agents out in Hollywood last week to check on talent for an upcoming production and one of the secretaries I spoke to said she loved to hear people "speak Southern".
I love Public Relations work which is why I formed this company. So far I have received a lot of support from local elected officials and other indie film makers in the area.
We hope to start shooting our first film in April.
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