movie-talk Best short film you've seen recently?

one that doesn't start slow or go too long/slow

I was looking at 1 minute films the other day (that's only 60 second runtime) and I ended up clicking off a few before the end because they still took to long to grab attention

all films should aim to start in some form of action not just a random scene setting or montage of insert shots etc... which seems to happen too often
can you really consider a film under 60 seconds a traditional "short film" though?

well its short and its a film and many film festivals have dedicated categories for it so yes... its actually pretty impressive to be able to tell a story in 1 minute

what do you class as a 'short film' if its not a film that's short?
I feel that a short needs to be less than five minutes to keep someone's attention. There are exceptions for going longer, but generally no. The beauty about a one minute short is that you're not asking someone to commit a large chunk of time to watch your film. Even if they suspect it might not be a great movie, you can generally get someone to give up 60 seconds.
40 minutes is considered a short film for a festival. So they can go pretty long.

technically in some places 45 minutes but what would you actually do with a 40 minute short?

its unlikely to get accepted anywhere since its too long to fit festival scheduling (why accept a 40 minute movie when they can have 4 x 10 minute movies or 8 x 5 minute movies or 40 x 1 minute movies) so unless its mind blowingly fantastic then its kind of the equivalent of a 3+ hour feature, yes it exists but its stupid to make your film that long unless you have serious bank-ability like Coppala, Jackson or Spielberg and they all started much smaller
I really liked Netflix's Love, Death, and Robots. Pretty much all of them. For one thing, they're all really well crafted.