Became a pro film maker

So.... I took the plunge and became a professional film maker. This is now how I earn my living, pay the bills and if I starve to death, it'll be my fault for doing something so completely insane.

My first corporate vid (branded content) is now on a website: - This is womens clothing which heats up when it gets cold and cools down when it gets hot. I'd ask you to take a look, especially because I believe it is possible to make money shooting short films and that's what's on there.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me (and boo sucks to anyone who didn't!)

There is a lot of rubbish advice: e.g. You can't make money out of short films. Well, I am making money out of short films which were a route to shooting branded content for fashion and technology companies.

And thanks again to everyone who encouraged me. Unless I starve to death in which case it was the wrong decision...


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But do have a look at the vid on
I did! I like it a lot - it's both funny and relatable.

You can make the next version in a family setting - as an example:
My dad was on coumadin (a blood thinner) for decades, which meant he was always cold and cranked the thermastat. My mom was always too warm. After he died last year, I noticed that it's now 10 degrees cooler in the house. Mom just smiled when I mentioned it - she misses him terribly but likes having temperature control.

I see some black comedy potential in that - just thank me when you get your award(s) :)


And starving is impossible: there are plenty of people dying to get great videos in exchange for a sandwich? (But those are greedy people ;) )

There is indeed no or hardly any direct revenue to be made from shorts, but the indirect route towards paid branded content can be indeed very profitable. :)

lol, me and my girlfriend are like that: her favorite temperate is way too low :p


I will live vicariously through you.


* Dig the Voltaire reference**

** Er***

*** I have a spare bedroom for talented Englishmen, so…