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software Audio unsynced when using Buetooth speaker

Hey folks,
I'm trying to figure out why my audio is not synced with the video when I connect a bluetooth speaker to my PC. Played from the computer's speakers, headphones, and Youtube they are perfectly synced, but I always get half second delay with my JBL speaker. This doesn't happen with movies and other sources' videos though :bang:
Any ideas?
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So, let's run this down again...

There is only one specific video, which was created by you, where the audio does not stay in sync when played over your bluetooth speaker. All other videos, whether created by you or from other sources, are completely in sync no matter what playback format you use.

Is this correct?
Hello Alcove, thanks for your reply. Sorry if I didn't make myself clear enough: every video that I render (I use Sony Vegas) ends up having audio unsynced when I play it with my JBL Flip 4 bluetooth speaker (I haven't tried with different speakers). However, any other video file from any source played on my pc using the bluetooth speaker is properly synced.
Okay, I'm not familiar with Vegas; I haven't used it since it was just a MIDI program back in the 1990s.

In Pro Tools I have to use a Video Offset so that the audio is in sync with the video. In my specific situation the offset puts the audio 22 quarter frames ahead. When I mix/render/export the audio and forward to the client they apparently have no sync issues.

It may be a good idea to see if Vegas also requires you to use a video offset.

It may also be a an issue with the bluetooth speakers, something I can't evaluate from here.......:)

That's all I've got for now. I hope that it helps.


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I am by no stretch knowledgeable in audio. I, too, have
experienced audio lag using Bluetooth speakers so I
assume it's the Bluetooth, not the editing program.
Bluetooth causes latency. That’s it. That’s the issue.

Whenever you’re able, use a cable.

I'm really old school; I always use (quality) cables over wireless of any kind whenever possible. So that's why I've never come across the BlueTooth latency issue.

However, how can it be specifically files created by verticalberto that have audio delay but not other files?

.....any other video file from any source played on my pc using the bluetooth speaker is properly synced.

So, verticalberto, have you resolved the issue as of yet?
Hello guys, thank you all for your suggestions!
Alcove I'll definitely check whether Vegas has a video offset, that could be a great tool regardless of this issue!
AcousticAI the cable fixed the problem :) I'm releaved to know that it's the bluetooth itself that causes latency.
It might then be that the framerate at which some of my clips are shot don't fit the timeline's settings and this may cause a slight latency, that I only notice through the bluetooth's major latency.