camera-dept attention earthlings a camera phone is all il need for now

greeting earthlings,
i call upon the wisdom of he (or she) who has mastered the knoweledge of the camera phone !

there is an alarming amount of phones to choose from .and i would like recomendations for a phone that will provide the best quality video for recording and best camera ..i guess 4k is the best . so ill be looking for this feature . with a sufficient amount of space . ive been looking at the note 10 plus but not sure if its worth the price? a great deal is always appreciated all throughout the universe . would 8gb ram be good enough for editing on the phone or would 12 gb be a night and day diffrence? i like the cinematic look .i dont plan on doing big long films more like shorts storys and skits untill i start getting noticed and get more attention. i have final cut pro and looking for a free videos editing app for windows and thoughts ?

you see i come from a world light years away i am transmitting this message to you by interdimensionally channeling one of your fellow biengs .i hope to reach your species in time in the form of motion picture art and music before the next catotraphic event.
all the negative energy from your world and other worlds like yours is bring forth the second coming . thats all i can say for now .


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These two may help, and may help you in deciding the phone.

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